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"Even though I have a hard time prioritizing well-being and find it difficult to put aside the time and money to reach out for support, I'm so glad I did. I recommend working with Chelsea to anyone who is trying to find balance and meaning in their very busy lives, or who is working through something difficult in their personal or professional life.  Working with Chelsea is like a hug – reassuring, calm, and warm. It reminded me of who I really am, and provided some support in figuring out (or reminding me) how to put my values and power into action." - Kristin


"Working with Chelsea has given me the space to show up as is. It has given me an intentional place to envision the life I want for myself and the guidance I needed along the way. I was able to reach a level that would have taken me maybe decades to find without her gentle guidance through intentional questioning and loving feedback. I would highly recommend Chelsea’s services to anyone who has found themselves in the gooey, half-baked cocoon of metamorphosis (whether by choice or by circumstance), where the only certainty is to close the last chapter, embrace change, and take a leap of faith."

- Molly

Solo retreat client in Vermont sitting peacefully on a dock
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Coaching client testimonial that says "I have profoundly appreciated my time working with Chelsea, who is a deep listener, incredibly grounded, and also real and authentic in the most relatable to ways."
Testimonial from coach client, Laura, that says "I was hestitant at first. I'd worked with coaches int eh past and I never saw any vertical movement. However, after three months of receiving coachin gwith Chelsea, I've become so observant of my intuition!"

“It's been so great to have Chelsea to provide advice, support and wisdom - and to be a sounding board - as I move through a period of confusion and chaos. I am calmer, less anxious, more grounded, and have a better perspective as a result of working with compassionate, wise, knowledgeable Chelsea."

– Diane

“Since starting to work with Chelsea, I have seen changes in my outlook and perspective of life. Most profoundly, I feel authentic. I have tapped into my inner power, changing limiting beliefs that held me back and kept me stuck in a lot of negative self- talk that I wasn't aware of. She assessed my needs quickly and offered ways to improve self-care, giving very helpful and positive feedback along the way. She meets people where they are by offering personalized services. I highly recommend working with Chelsea!”

– Kim

“Chelsea is kind and wise, and the spiritual inclusiveness and language of her practice has had a positive effect on me. I would recommend Chelsea to anyone and everyone seeking safe group structuring, and comfortable group re-evaluation of self-knowledge, especially women who are interested in becoming more expressive. Chelsea is someone who walks her talk.”

– Amelia

Solo retreat client testimonial Vermont, says "The way the retreat was set up really worked - the pre-work with Chelsea was calming and grounding..."

“Since we started working together, I have been journaling every day and about a week ago I added meditation to my morning routine.  I now have a concrete morning routine! I highly recommend working with Chelsea to anyone who is looking to re-connect to themselves. She is a very good listener and really hears what a person is saying, not necessarily just the words.”

– Brenda

"Working with Chelsea helped me to recognize the importance of prioritizing health and time to recharge. She will support you where you are at and guide you in a supportive approach towards the goals you set for yourself. I think anyone who is a caregiver or who has been feeling run-down will benefit from taking time to replenish and heal!"

​- Cynthia

"Spending time at Chelsea's cabin allowed me space to pause and fully drop-into my own personal rhythm. Her thoughtfulness and perfect planning allowed me to be in the present moment, relax and experience the luxury of no plans or responsibilities. Based on our intentional conversations prior to the retreat, Chelsea developed a personalized schedule, guided meditations, yoga classes and readings all to meet my needs. I recommend this retreat for anyone who needs to fully exhale, have reflective time and wants to bask in the relaxation of enjoying a quiet cup of coffee early morning lakeside and swim multiple times a day." 

– Andrea

"Recently, my cousin and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at Chelsea’s retreat cabin in central Vermont. Honestly, it was the PERFECT place to relax, connect and renew ourselves. This little cabin has everything you need for your stay, but more than that, the space emanated peace and calm. 


From the minute we walked in the door we felt welcomed and inspired (by the books, setting, and little details) to unwind and be present. We loved quiet mornings and chatty evenings on the sun porch, with views of the lake. 

Chelsea has created a space that, rather than just a typical AirBnB, feels full of healing light and intention.  

We will definitely be back!"

- Anjali

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