connect to feminine wisdom.


Are you ready to:

vision into an unknown future
explore deep, earth-based spirituality

spend more time in nature with intentionality
listen to your intuition
truly taking care of yourself
honor fear, grief and love
honor feminine wisdom
access unlimited support

engage in a deep, reciprocal relationship with the Earth
and stand in your leadership and power?

You're in the right place.

This fall, I'm gathering a group of women.


It's a group for powerful, connected, bold women who feel called into a deeper connection and purpose right now. It’s for women who feel like there’s more possible than just the daily ebbs and flows of fear and adapting to uncertainty, doing what we can in our own small realms to protect ourselves and our families. It’s for women who sense there are greater opportunities and possibilities available to us and are curious about what that might look like....

It’s for women who long to wander in the woods….

....who are transfixed by the everyday sacred beauty in nature all around them.…

....who need their skin to touch the breeze….


....who experience the deep peace and inner stillness of presence and present moments occasionally but who long to invite a more consistent, deeper connection and relationship with the more-than-human world into their life….

or who are just curious to learn more about what a deep connection with the Earth might be like.

If this is you – I see you. You aren’t alone. Let’s create something different, together. Let’s move past fear, grief, and worry, together. Let’s find beauty and meaning in all the sacred moments available to us in this one life we’ve been given.

Bring your wise, rooted, messy, imperfect, curious self and let’s explore together, through group ritual, conversation and personal spiritual practices, how to truly access the inherent feminine power and wisdom deep within us and all around us – for good.

Because the world needs powerful women right now.

Let me be clear. This is not another chance to just sit in front of the computer screen. This one will actually get out you outside, wherever you are!  


You’ll recognize the inherent value of slowing down and tapping into a more feminine energy within you and in the world around you.


You’ll develop practices that get you outside and connect you powerfully to the trees, the water, the ground, accessing your intuition and building your awareness. 


You’ll intentionally develop your relationship with the Earth, seasons, cycles around you – it’s not just a one-way street, though! You’ll learn reciprocity. This is important because this journey isn’t abut us or our needs – we are all connected and we play a vitally important role in the health of the planet going forward. Our relationship with Earth is central to this.

Each week I’ll give an invitation for an earth-connecting practice that will allow you to deepen your relationship by actually doing it – sometimes it’ll be singing in the woods, sometimes it’ll be a grief ritual with stones and water, sometimes it’ll be listening to the trees. We’ll come back together during an online weekly gathering  where we engage in group ritual to expand and integrate and seed what we practice by ourselves throughout the week. 

The group will last for 6 weeks, but you will build the relationship of a lifetime. 

When: Thursdays September 9 - October 14 7:30 - 9 PM (Zoom)

PLUS - 2 bonus in-person gatherings for those who are local to upstate NY, date TBD!


“It's been so great to have Chelsea to provide advice, support and wisdom - and to be a sounding board - as I move through a period of confusion and chaos. I am calmer, less anxious, more grounded, and have a better perspective as a result of working with compassionate, wise, knowledgeable Chelsea."

— Diane


“Since working with Chelsea, I’ve started thinking more about and implementing routine and self-care in my life. I really appreciated the thoughtful conversation, wise and caring replies, and group connection. This is something all women would benefit from!” 

— Sarah