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Finding SACRED REST within the
chaos of mode
rn life
A 6-week course to slow down,
connect deeply and design
your life for more rest

In the chaotic modern society we live in where you’re always running to the next thing, it can be hard to feel connected to yourself, your own wisdom, and your own needs.

Taking back your life from the chaos requires commitment, community and care. It requires a willingness to step back for a moment and really look at what’s important. It requires pockets of sacred rest to find yourself and your deepest wisdom again.

So how can you cultivate sacred rest and your own sense of deep inner knowing and intuition?  How do you create deep, sacred connection to yourself amongst all the noise, uncertainty and change around you?

Through this 6-week deep-dive into sacred rest and deep listening, we’ll gather. This is an opportunity to be together with like-minded women, in community, to learn by doing. To practice together.

Together, we’ll cultivate the tools we need to find true sacred rest. To declutter our minds and our spaces. To slow down. To focus on what really matters.

Through readings, singing, writing, experiential embodiment, and guided meditation, we’ll deepen our own relationship with ourselves and with sacred rest. We’ll practice. We’ll learn. We’ll slow down together.

This course might be for you if you’re feeling:

  • Stuck in unhealthy patterns or rushing or overdoing

  • Unsure of how to build systems in your life that allow for more deep connection and less over scheduling

  • Tired of doubting yourself and your ability to listen to your deepest wisdom

  • Unsure about the direction you’d like to take in your life next

  • Uninspired in the middle of winter and ready for a spark to help you feel connected and inspired again


Through these profound six weeks together, you’ll be able to:

  • Shed old habits and patterns that keep you busy, rushing, and disconnected

  • Slow down with intention as you make space for your own deepest wisdom to come through

  • Build systems for yourself that prioritize sacred rest and connection to yourself

  • Listen deeply to that wisdom and make tangible changes in your life based on that wisdom

  • Integrate the wisdom of your own soul so that you are truly living out your values and purpose with more alignment

  • Gather new skills, practices, solidarity and community so that you feel less alone, more inspired and more in tune with your natural rhythms so you can experience more joy, peace and purpose

  • Feel more confident in knowing and asking for what you need and where you’re going in your life


Are you ready to give yourself a (sacred) break? I'd love to have you as part of the group! 

TBD - email me if you're interested in this course and I'll let you know when I set a date!


“It's been so great to have Chelsea to provide advice, support and wisdom - and to be a sounding board - as I move through a period of confusion and chaos. I am calmer, less anxious, more grounded, and have a better perspective as a result of working with compassionate, wise, knowledgeable Chelsea."

— Diane


“Since working with Chelsea, I’ve started thinking more about and implementing routine and self-care in my life. I really appreciated the thoughtful conversation, wise and caring replies, and group connection. This is something all women would benefit from!” 

— Sarah

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