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When you enter into a one-on-one coaching relationship with me, I’ll support you in connecting to the deepest parts of yourself that already knows the answers.


We'll focus on what you really need to move from feeling stuck, full of doubt and anxious towards feeling more acceptance, more freedom, and more joy. 


We’ll weave together the practical and the sacred to actively build the life you are wanting to create from a place of ease.


So that you feel more present.

More connected to yourself and others.

So you can actually enjoy the process of becoming the person you want to be in the world.


You’ll experience less anxiety and stress and constantly thinking about the next thing.

Instead of constantly questioning why you're not doing the things that you know will make you feel better, you'll actually be doing them.

Your life itself may not look dramatically different, but who you are BEING within that life will be different.


You’ll have the tools you need to feel calm, happy and fulfilled. Not tomorrow, not next year -  right now.


You’ll be able to connect to your intuition and find balance- skills that will last far beyond the three months that we work together. 


Together, we’ll make space for what wants to be healed within you so you can then move through life’s inevitable ups and downs with more grace, ease and joy. 

Ready to learn more?


Set up a free Connection Call to see how we'll work together to truly create peace, meaning, beauty and enjoyment in every part of your life. 

Chelsea Frisbee, LMT massage therapist coach women's circles Delhi, NY
Client testimonial - Since starting to work with Chelsea, I have seen changes in my outlook and perspective fo life.
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