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A Journey of Light is a collaborative work of writing from me and my late mother, Susan Woodworth. Subscribe to be notified when it is available for purchase!

A Journey of Light by Chelsea Frisbee and Susan Woodworth book cover

A shared mother-daughter story of love, loss and courage

Shortly after her terminal cancer diagnosis in April 2016, Sue Woodworth started a blog. A lifelong writer of letters, poetry, sermons, and personal reflection, she effortlessly created a portal into her internal, soulful, spirit-filled world as she navigated the horrors and the beauty of the last five months of her life. One of her dying wishes was that her writing be published and shared more widely so that the wisdom she gained through her struggles might have a positive impact on more people.

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This book is the fulfillment of that request. It is the story of Sue's journey as she spent her final days living fully and intentionally, modeling for others how to face life's challenges with courage. Interwoven poetry, essays, blog posts and reflections from Sue and her daughter, Chelsea, create a shared mother-daughter story as together they navigate uncertainty, loss, and grief, their lives tethered together by grace, wisdom and love.

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My Story

Led forward by my mother's spirit and spurred on by the lessons learned through her life and death, I co-wrote this book as a testament to the complex, beautiful, life-affirming relationship between a mother and a daughter that knows no bounds and surpasses all understanding.


Because of the guiding light of this book and my mother, I have become a writer. A poet. A guide for others. A leader.

I am grateful.

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interwoven essays, blog posts, poetry and reflection from inspiring mother-daughter duo navigating life and death

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a collection of poetry inspired by the hills, roads, wanderings and spirit of place and of belonging

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