I help women deepen their earth-based spirituality and step into their feminine power so that we live in a world guided by inherent feminine wisdom and power.


My work is a blend of many parts of myself. I'm poet, a priestess, and a coach. I'm a listener and a connector. I'm a massage therapist and a farmer. I'm intentionally living in and embracing the gray area of life and trying to create something meaningful and beautiful - not just for me, but for people like you who may read my writing or work with me one-on-one.

We're all just trying to live our deepest and truest lives.


We want more peace and beauty in our moments and our days and our months and our years. We want to show up better for ourselves, our partners, our families and our communities. I know I do, at least.

That's why I write and share. 


And that's why I help  women connect to their truest selves, to the Earth, and their deep feminine power through powerful groups, one-on-one coaching and through curated sacred retreats.

Because the world needs powerful women right now.

I invite you to book a free 30-minute "Earthy Wisdom Catalyst" call with me to explore what you, me and the Earth can accomplish together!

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