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Vermont solo retreat setting - Pittsford, VT

Solo & Small Group Retreats - Vermont

Unwind. Reconnect. Find depth. 

At a peaceful mountaintop cabin in Vermont, you'll sink into an intentional space of rest, rejuvenation and stillness that allows for your soul to breathe. 

Vermont solo retreat setting - Pittsford, VT

Group Retreats - New York

Remember what it’s like to be close to the earth, to sit under the stars, to be in the forest, to be part of the natural world, not separate from it. Gather with other like-minded women. Connect to the sacred earth, to your deeper self, to beauty, to soul – together.

"Spending time on this retreat allowed me space to pause and fully drop-into my own personal rhythm. Chelsea’s thoughtfulness, perfect planning and amazing cooking skills allowed me to be in the present moment, relax and experience the luxury of no plans or responsibilities."

— Andrea


"By focusing only on my self-care for this retreat, I felt like I could finally breathe, listen, taste, smell, be still, rest, grieve, pray, and enjoy being alone.  A huge thanks to Chelsea who was incredibly encouraging, supportive, and flexible when it came time to set my intentions and create a schedule for the retreat. I highly recommend this retreat!"

— Liz

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