Rooted & Rising
connect to nature & ground through changing times

Visioning into an unknown future.
Listening to your intuition.
Truly taking care of yourself.
Honoring fear, grief and love.
Honoring the wisdom of the Earth.
Unlimited support.
Racial justice work.
Standing in your leadership and power.

What do all of these have in common?

A deep, reciprocal connection and relationship with ourselves and with the Earth beneath our feet.

And – what we will be exploring together during a special workshop/gathering on Thursday, July 1  from 7 – 9 PM EST on my farm in Delhi, NY!

As the world opens up around us – hooray! – how can we integrate some of the most important lessons from the past year? Lessons like:

  • How to move at earth speed

  • Continue building connections with the natural world

  • Listen to your deepest knowing and inner wisdom

This workshop and gathering is open those who feel called into a deeper connection and purpose right now.

It’s for people who long to wander in the woods…

who are transfixed by the everyday sacred beauty in nature all around them…

who need their skin to touch the breeze...

who experience the deep peace and inner stillness of presence and present moments occasionally but who long to invite a more consistent, deeper connection and relationship with the more-than-human world into their life…

or who are just curious to learn more about what a deep connection with the Earth might be like.

If this is you – I see you. You aren’t alone. Let’s create something different, together. Let’s move through these changing times together. Let’s find beauty and meaning in all the sacred moments available to us in this one life we’ve been given.

Bring your wise, rooted, messy, imperfect, curious self and let’s explore how to truly access the inherent power and wisdom deep within us and all around us – for good.

Because we all need more connection to each other and to the Earth.

Space is limited for this workshop and gathering. Open to all!

Thursday, July 1

7- 9 PM


48018 State Hwy 10
Delhi, NY 13753