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Wellness Starts Within

Community wellness begins within.

Wellness is wholeness.

The last year has been so challenging for so many. While we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with spring here and vaccines rolling out, we know that we have a lot to do to repair our well-being and grow back stronger. With this in mind, we are collaborating to create a new wellness opportunity for the community.

The Pivot & Thrive Community is offering a two-week Wellness Fair, including access to live and recorded events, special offers, tools and resources to support you on your wellness journey. As a business community, we are collaborating to support people in discovering new practitioners and resources to support community wellness. When you buy the Wellness Fair Access pass ($49), you can create a personalized experience with practitioners across the state, to help your wellness goals become a reality.

I'm so excited to be offering a workshop as part of the this Wellness Fair!

Join me on Thursday, April 29th at 12 PM for a one-hour workshop called Earthy & Wise: Nature as Spiritual Connection:

This one hour on Zoom will get you outside! Wait, what? Yes. The hour is designed to help you build in an additional TWO HOURS of intentional time in nature within a week after the workshop. Time where you will remember what it means to be a human being having a relationship with the Earth. Time where you feel at peace and connected to the plants, animals, land and water around you. Time where you can breathe deep and know you are supported. You'll leave our hour together with a sense of purpose for your next nature walk, journaling and meditation prompts to bring you into deeper awareness, and hopefully a little slice of the peace and joy you felt when you were a kid splashing through mud puddles or finding your favorite spring ephemeral! The invitation is to connect: it starts on Zoom but it expands infinitely into the fresh spring air that awaits you.

To sign up:

Pivot & Thrive Wellness Fair $49.00 - use special discount code for 25% off!: CHELSEAFRISBE25


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