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Spring is Coming!

Today, I went for an early morning walk around town with my partner. It was 30 degrees out. The birds were singing. And I could FEEL spring on it’s way!

Yes, I know it’s still six weeks away and it takes much longer than that to actually feel consistently like spring. The dance between winter and spring continues, at least here in the Northeast, until at least April.

But after the last few weeks of bitter cold followed by ice and snow, just these two simple shifts in the landscape made me feel lighter.

Starting to feel the promise of spring reminded me just how much I’ve been missing spending large chunks of time outside. For me, there’s nothing like walking in the woods, or by water, or sitting under the stars. I feel at home there.

Which is why part of my work is about connecting others to that feeling of connection, home and belonging, too.

I have weekends available for solo retreats starting in April at a beautiful mountain-top cabin in VT (view from the dock pictured here!)

Maybe you’re longing for a deeper connection and purpose right now…something more than the daily ebbs and flows of fear and uncertainty in these challenging times we are living through.

Maybe you know what you need, but can’t carve out the time and space you need to get there…

Or maybe you love the idea of connecting more intentionally to your inner wisdom and the natural world but aren’t sure how to achieve it?

Do you need to get away from your own space and rejuvenate?

Imagine – just this once you give yourself two days of dedicated, quiet “me time” to rejuvenate and connect. You walk away feeling refreshed. You’ve filled up your cup so that you can go home and keep filling for others. You’ve reconnected with your true self – the self that gets lost in the daily shuffle. You lounged in a cozy cabin and sat by a lake with a book and a cup of hot tea. You've connected to the beauty and wisdom all around you in nature. You’re inspired by thoughtful poetry and inspirational quotes. You have concrete action steps for how to bring more self care and connection into the rest of your life. You’re able to be present, calm, loving and joyful – because you got some quiet time for yourself.

This is what a solo retreat, supported by me, at a beautiful location, can look like.

And the best part is – even though you’ll be by yourself, you won’t be creating this alone. I’ll help you create a beautiful container to flourish in!


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