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Sacred Earth gatherings

Monthly, we gather to create a safe sacred space where we experience, celebrate and heal our relationship with land and place. We agree that:

  • We, as humans, are part of the Earth and all her beings, not separate from.

  • It’s urgently important for us to gather in this sacred way at this moment in history.

  • Gathering in this way will support our individual and collective resilience.

  • The land will give us the tools we need to move forward as we listen with reverence.

  • We are invited to pause and move at earthspeed.

  • Each individual’s spirituality is unique, sacred, and welcome here. We will use language that is inclusive whenever possible and invite those who gather to take what speaks to their own heart and soul, and let the rest fall away: Sacred, Love, Spirit, angels, devas, more-than-human beings, soul, Universe, Earth, the Nature that we all are, etc etc!

Our time together will center around the Nature around us and within us as spiritual practice, creating a sacred container for meditation, ritual, chanting, singing, walking on the land and listening, sharing, and prayer.

Interested in joining our Sacred Earth gatherings in the future? Email


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