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May I

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

May I know that I'm okay

May I be filled with light and expansiveness

May I know joy

May I move through transition with grace

May I treat myself with kindness

May I live with ease

May I know peace

May I sink into goodness and light

May I be

May I move from this to that

May I be filled with joyful curiosity as my life unfolds before me

May I be led

May I move at a pace that is right for me in this moment

May I see opportunity

May I breathe through and past fear

May I listen to my body, deeply

May I know sweet love.


Sep 12, 2019

Thanks, Betty!


Chelsea, your blog is beautiful and inspirational. Your poem “May I” is meant to be shared, and so I have. Thank you 💖

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