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Life Bursting Forth

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Literally, all day, I’m experiencing amazing transformation all around me.

The tiny steps, the incremental growth, the slooowwwww coming of spring, all of a sudden, with the right temperatures and timing, turn into transformation.

Where there used to be just buds, there are leaves. The fresh, new green brings delight to my heart. Where there were just twigs, there are flowers. Where there used to be browning, damp, dead grass, there are lush fields of velvety green grass bursting with life.

I’m reminded, again and again, by my favorite teacher – the Earth - that growth isn’t linear. I know this intellectually – I think I even wrote a blog post about this a few months ago. But I’m learning this in my work with one-on-one coaching clients and seeing this in my own life in a different way now.

I used to believe that if you just keep doing the things and working hard and showing up day after day – for work, for family, for spiritual practice, whatever it is – that that’s how change occurs. You work hard. You do the work. Little by little, life shifts towards more of what you want. Right?

I still think that’s true to a certain extent – I make little shifts in my life and I can see the benefits. I eat less sugar and feel a little bitter. I put my phone away more often and that’s good. I exercise a little more and feel better in my body. I can accomplish a lot in this way. I can build my savings account and good, healthy habits. I can slowly shift towards feeling better in my body. I can make incremental changes.

But what I’ve experienced really powerfully for myself and in witnessing my clients’ transformation is different than this. Yes, they are still showing up every day for themselves and the changes they want to make in their lives. But then something clicks.

They find the answers within themselves. Something aligns, and all of a sudden everything is different.

Here’s what I really wanted to share with you today:

Transformation isn’t linear and steady.

Transformation is cyclical and exponential.

After showing up consistently, with awareness, with commitment and love and energy and working towards a goal and putting in the effort and caring deeply – one day, all of a sudden, everything changes. Things are different.

The leaf that wasn’t there before appears.

The relationship that you’ve been dreaming of materializes almost overnight.

How you want to feel in your body sometimes is a reality every. damn. day.

How you want to interact with your family starts to happen without you even trying.

The lawn is all of a sudden full of dandelions.

How does this happen? How do you get from where you’re stuck, where you’re feeling like it’s too hard to keep showing up without achieving the results you want to create, where you’re trying really hard and not getting what you really want?

How do you get to peace, joy, connection, financial security, meaningful relationships, wellness, health and happiness for your family, healing, and deep purpose and meaning to your life?

It’s all about learning to merge the practical with the spiritual to cultivate the conditions for your one, true, amazing, unique, life to burst forth from within you.

Just like the leaves are doing right now. Just like spring is teaching us every day, if only we take the time to stop and listen.

Let me teach you how. I’ll share everything I can in a free 30 minute Connection Call designed to do just that: share what I’ve experienced in my own transformation to get you started on your own.

I have spots open next week!

Take advantage of the spring energy and claim the life you've always wanted to create for yourself. It starts here.


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