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Leaning into the Unknown

Changes are afoot here in Delaware County. I woke up this morning to fog hugging the rolling hills beyond my house, soft dew blanketing the parched grass, and browning ferns reminding me of that age-old reality of impermanence. As summer fades gracefully into spectacular fall, I'm practicing gratitude in the midst of many personal changes.

One big change is that I'm winding down my massage practice. It's been an honor to support my clients over the past year to find more physical space, healing and relaxation through hands-on massage therapy. However, it's become increasingly clear to me that my body wants to be used in other ways. The energetic and physical toll of offering massage therapy proved to be more than I'm willing to take on, and so I've made the hard but right decision to move my work in a different direction. I'll be honoring gift certificates still, so if you have one, send me an email to schedule! I'm grateful for the understanding and support I've received since sharing this decision.

Coinciding with that shift is a renewed focus on my coaching practice. I gave two workshops at the incredible Catskill Mountain Yoga Festival in July and really enjoyed connecting with people around cultivating intuition and deepening spiritual practice - two of my favorite topics to focus on with one-on-one coaching clients! I also love supporting people to really thrive in their life by cultivating their own inner resource, intuition and self-trust.

As part of this renewed focus, I'm excited to offer a free 45-minute coaching session (online) to everyone on my mailing list - that's you! This is an incredible opportunity to ask the question - what do I need to thrive in my life right now? What do I really want? I've been honored to support dozens of coaching clients over the past two years in bringing more peace, joy, confidence, and healing into their lives. If you'd like to say yes to creating this for your own life, you can book your free session here:

I'm continuing to co-lead free monthly women's circles at The Uplands Center in Walton, NY with my good friend Renee Hardenkamp - our next gathering is this coming Monday, August 22nd at 5:30. It's no coincidence that the focus of this circle will be on leaning into the unknown. Often, the themes that our group practice and discussion revolve around are what's coming up for me and Renee when we plan them. There are still a few spaces left, so let me know if you'd like to join!

Finally, I'm most excited to share that I'm entering into a new phase of understanding my purpose and work in the world. I feel very called to build spiritual community where Nature and the Earth are the primary focus of spiritual practice, where healing between humans and more-than-human beings take place, and where we can all find incredible resource and support. To this end, I'll be co-creating some Wild Church gatherings with, inspired by the work of Victoria Loorz and the Wild Church Network - stay tuned for more information on these sacred gatherings!

I've also been accepted to start an interfaith/interspiritual seminary program at OneSpirit, an interfaith learning center based in New York City. It's a two year program that will focus on studying spiritual traditions from around the world, as well as ritual and ceremony. It begins in September! I'll be an ordained minister at the end of the program and am truly excited to see where it takes me! I imagine I'll be deepening into my own understanding of spirituality in a modern context, outside of church walls, but I honestly have no idea. Talk about the unknown!

I know change is a natural process, and we all go through changes throughout our lives, challenging and easeful. My hope is that by sharing some of these changes happening in my life, you are reminded that we're all in this together!


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