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It's a Big Day!

It's a big day! A Journey of Light, the book I compiled from my mother's writing from the end of her life, interwoven with her poetry and my own essays, poetry and reflection, is finally ready to go out into the world!

I've been working on this project actively for a year and a half now. Energetically, though, I've been working on this project for almost five years. It all started a few weeks before she died when she told me and Bob that she would like her end-of-life blog posts to be published some day so her experience could be shared more widely.

Of course we said yes. But the reality of making it happen took more time, more energy and more work than I could have imagined on that day. And it was all worth it.

I've learned so much along the way. This project has been an emotional one, of course. It has led me deeper into relationship with my mom. This book led me continually through and past my comfort zones. It has been part of my spiritual initiation. It has been a great teacher to me.

Led forward by my mother's spirit and spurred on by the lessons learned through her life and death, I co-wrote this book as a testament to the complex, beautiful, life-affirming relationship between a mother and a daughter that knows no bounds and surpasses all understanding.

Because of the guiding light of this book and my mother, I have become a writer. A poet. A guide for others. A leader.

I am grateful.

This week, it's going out to all of the amazing Kickstarter supporters who helped make this project a reality. And, it's now available for purchase here!

I'm also very excited to announce that I'm planning a book launch event on Zoom for Sunday, March 28th at 4 PM ET. I'd love to have you join me in this celebration of the project and of my mom's life and contributions. There will be a reading of parts of the book and Q&A with the author...that's me! Please RSVP here.

With so much gratitude,



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