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Favorite moments

My favorite moments from Edinburgh so far:

From the window of one of the prolific city buses: An older man painting a window sill white, his bristles perfectly transferring the pure white to its next home. The next passing window frame: A young woman looks up to the sky, pointing her phone, capturing up.

A soaring melody of angelic voices effortlessly rises up through the cathedral halls, and our hearts. “It’s so beautiful,” one of the pair behind me, an older couple, whispers softly to the other. It was.

Now, above it all, above the crowds and shops, scarves and sirens

looking east

sheltered from the western bluster

I pause.

Meshing viewscapes of grass, flowers, road, bird, city, lake, sky

Hopping black and white bird with royal blue-green tail feathers (what are you?)

A gift from this swirling day


To the left, the people stand on a nearby peak

Arthur’s seat, the destination of


the highest spot in Edinburgh

Undaunted by the mainstream

I choose otherwise

I watch the grass


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