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Enjoyment: A Simple Practice

After building my coaching practice on the main tenants of supporting women through transitions so they can live more meaningful, joyful, intentional lives, I find myself going through my own transition – a move! In some ways, a significant move – I just moved in with my partner – and in other ways, not so significant. No major location change, job change, etc. But the act of being in transition again brings up a lot for me. I lose my sense of routine; I forget what brings me joy and what grounds me amidst the physical and emotional chaos of change. My partner reminds me to do things that I enjoy. Wait, what? I need to take my own advice? Of course I do.

I go for a hike, the first actual hike I’ve taken all year, I think. I’m renewed. I feel restored. The walk through the brilliant green forest filled with nothing but birdsong, breeze and trees brings me back to my sense of inner quiet.

The next day during coaching session with a client, I’m reminded of one simple practice we can all do to bring more enjoyment into our lives:

1. Make a list of the things you enjoy doing – preferably activities that feel nourishing to your mind, body and/or spirit

2. Look at your schedule/calendar for the week

3. Schedule in the things you enjoy doing for specific times

4. Actually follow through and do the things you enjoy

5. Check in at the end of the week – how do you feel? Did you experience more enjoyment during your day? During the week as a whole?

It sounds so simple, and it’s so easy to forget. In order to live the lives we truly desire and deserve, we have to be intentional. Sometimes we have to use scheduling and planning. At other times, it might be more beneficial to allow for spaciousness and openness. For me, this week, I needed more structure. And I’m so grateful I have clients, practices, and a community of supportive people like you to help remind me of that!


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