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Celebrating Two Years: Special Offer!

When I started my business two years ago, it was with this one simple idea. I have a beautiful, incredible resource in my life: a peaceful, cozy Vermont cabin on a small lake. Why not share it in a meaningful way? Not as an Airbnb, but in a way that honors the spirit of the place, which was cultivated by my late mother, Susan Woodworth, and her husband, Bob. Together, they turned a rustic three-season cabin into a beautiful space for rejuvenation, reconnection and love. At the time of my first offering, a Vermont solo retreat at this very special place, the pandemic was in its very beginning stages. There were very few spaces to safely travel. My family and I were at "the cabin," as we lovingly call it, monthly, and it was truly a luxury to have a safe place to relax, rejuvenate and connect with nature. I knew I wanted to create something new for myself, a way to share some of the gifts I've received in my life with others. I decided to start with the cabin. I created my first business offering, a solo retreat. During this retreat, people could come stay at the cabin. They would meet with me before and after their retreat experience to set intentions and create accountability for their time alone. My thought was - why not take the basic structure of a group retreat and apply it to individuals, and make sure they have the support and accountability they need to have a powerful experience? Voila! My first business offering was created and since then, dozens of people have experienced powerful solo retreats in a healing, welcoming, peaceful space on Burr Pond in Vermont. To celebrate TWO YEARS in business, which has since evolved to include life coaching, group retreats, women's circles and massage therapy, I'm so excited to offer special celebratory pricing for upcoming solo retreat opportunities!

Included in special pricing:

  • 2-nights at a beautiful, cozy, peaceful cabin in Vermont on a small lake

  • Personalized retreat itinerary

  • 90-minutes one-on-one coaching to help set intentions and create container for powerful retreat experience

This solo retreat experience is now only $550, almost 50% off the regular price! Includes weeknight or weekend dates to be determined based on availability. Must be booked by July 31st (dates July - October 2022).

Start your powerful, life-changing solo retreat experience today by simply sending me an email to indicate interest! From there, we'll schedule a phone call to make sure it's a good fit, look at our calendars together and start the process of co-creating a powerful experience together.

Need more info about what a solo retreat looks like? Here you go!


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