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Build Deep Connection

As I move through the world, I find that what brings me the most enjoyment is when I experience deep connection.

Sometimes, it's connection with myself when I take the time to sit down and journal, or really get into my body while doing yoga or stretching, or having some new understanding about an emotional pattern I've been working with.

Sometimes, it's connection with others. It can be more of a surface-level connection, like meeting someone new at the farmers' market and feeling a sense of community and solidarity in being human together in this crazy world. Sometimes, it's a deeper connection that gets cultivated through meaningful conversation or shared experience. I love this so much that I often spend a lot of my time creating it with other people, especially by leading women's circles, retreats, group courses or workshops.

And sometimes, it's connection with something of a deeper spiritual nature. For me, spirituality means investigating a deeper meaning and purpose. It helps me connect to a broader context of life. For some people, this means religion, God, the divine, the universe, and for others, it’s the natural world, or parenting, or a calling to social justice. I see spirituality as a connection to higher power or sometimes to the truest and highest version of myself. It's so different for each person!

Helping others build in more deep connection through spiritual practice is something I'm passionate about. It's about taking that deep connection and doing it with intention on a regular basis. It's very much about merging the everyday sacred, whatever that means for you, with the practical - the structures needed to really sink in and find that deep connection and support that's available to us.

Some examples of spiritual practices include journaling, meditation, intentional time in nature, yoga, prayer, singing, dancing, movement, chanting, gathering with others, studying sacred texts, any form of creativity like painting, drawing, writing, etc.

As much as these practices support us, they can be hard to show up for on a regular basis! Which is why I'm leading a free workshop on this topic:

Start the New Year with Intention: 3 Ways To Integrate Spiritual Practice into Daily Life


Thursday, February 3rd

7:30 - 9 PM ET on Zoom


Do you know what you “should” be doing to consistently feel better throughout your day but find yourself unable to keep showing up for daily yoga, meditation or another meaningful spiritual practice?

This is a great time of year to build routines and practices that deeply nourish and support you. And you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone!

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you’ll learn 3 proven habit change techniques for creating a more consistent spiritual practice that leaves you feeling easeful, grounded and connected, (and that you will actually be able to stick to!). We’ll use song, guided meditation, journaling, and discussion as tools to investigate practical and sacred ways to bring sustainable spiritual practice into your daily routine as a firm anchor amidst life’s inevitable ups and downs.

You’ll walk away with:

- Tangible ways to set yourself up for “success” this year – whatever that looks like for you!

- Ideas to create more space in your day for spiritual practice even if you have a busy schedule

- Simple practices to help cultivate long-term, sustainable commitment to your spiritual practices and journey

Hope to see you there!


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