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April Massage Special!

massage therapy in Delhi, NY

April is a month of new life, of blossoming spring energy, and of clearing out old energy and old tension to make space for the new!

It's also a month of Earth Day & Arbor Day, and what better ways to celebrate the delicious body of the earth that we get to live on than to treat yourself to a massage to connect to your own body?

I'm offering an April massage special with 5 one-hour massages for $375 ($75 each instead of the normal price of $85).

I love supporting clients to feel better in their bodies so they're able to show up in the rest of their lives rejuvenated and with less tension and pain. I primarily use a mix of Swedish relaxation massage, connective tissue therapy deep tissue massage, and energy work in each of my sessions, adapting to individual needs, injuries and focal points that support deep, holistic healing.

I'm offering massages at a new wellness space at 7B Bridge Street in Delhi, NY on Mondays and Thursdays. You can schedule here:

Here's what my clients have to say about their experience with massage therapy!


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