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A Journey of Light - Sneak Preview

Sue Woodworth, 2001


When I greet the dawn,

I know enough

I know my basket is full




With riches, like confetti

Against a sky that whispers



not often,

I sit,

to wait, be still, for what arrives

along the road, curving left at the creek’s elbow.


Waiting is hard.

I don’t wait well.


Yet in this life,

on this ground,

I have been given enough, even more

than I need.


I will lift my hands, to receive,

with gratitude, all

that is enough.

Heal My Brokenness

Chelsea Frisbee

heal my brokenness

and let the light and flowing waters

flow through where I try to dam them up


heal my brokenness

and fill me again

with the joy of being



heal my brokenness

deep within where I pretend it’s okay

where the armor can’t hold

against fierce hugs


heal my brokenness

as I grow new wings

and surrender

to the wind

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