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Chelsea Frisbee, LMT massage therapist coach women's circles Delhi, NY

move through life's ups and downs...

...with more clarity, ease and purpose

Are you feeling stuck?


Maybe you're at the beginning, middle or end of some sort of life transition...


Or you recently experienced a major life event that has shook the foundation that you once stood on so that you no longer feel connected to yourself or know what to do next...

Do you have a pretty good sense of what you should be doing to heal or take care of yourself, but something inside of you is holding you back?


Are you looking for support and sacred connection to really come back to yourself and re-establish your trust in yourself and in life?

If you're feeling stuck - just know you're not alone.


It's easy to lose your sense of connection in the midst of chaos.

Together, I can help you rebuild that connection. 

Connection to self, like you had before the responsibilities of adulthood took over.

Connection to joy.

Connection to spirit, like you experience when you have a quiet moment to yourself. 


When you take the time to nurture those connections, you can start to reconnect to yourself, to your inherent feminine wisdom and unending spiritual support that's available to you within your own body.


When you truly learn to listen to your own deep intuition, you become stronger. 


Here's what I need you to know - you're not going to feel like this forever. There is a way through. I'm here to support you! 

I offer a free 45-minute Connection Call that can be a perfect first step on this new journey towards clarity, peace and ease.


Together, we'll create a sacred container for you to explore the depths of what makes you who you are. We'll weave together practical and sacred tools to help you move from stuck to unstuck, from wandering and lost to delightfully on a journey - towards the better, more joyful, more easeful life that's awaiting you.


We'll build a solid foundation for you to build this next phase of your life on. It will support you in ways you can't even imagine right now. You will feel held. You will feel seen. You will feel truly alive.


You don't have to do this alone.


You know what decisions to make next - with confidence.

You feel connected to the rhythms of life.

You frequently experience beautiful moments of peace and joy.

You're able to move from this to that with ease, grace and confidence.

You move through the hard stuff quicker and you even start to enjoy the process!

When you dive into the sacred and practical in this balanced way, you'll actually move forward faster.


When you go deep, you can go further.


When you find balance, you find your own inner power.

How It Works

listen to your body's inherent wisdom

establish strong spiritual practices

connect to natural rhythms

find balance in all aspects of your life

enjoy the process of transformation

I can’t believe the transformation in my life in such a short period of time! I feel like I am able to dream bigger and live more fully. I feel stronger and more connected to who I am and what breathes life into me. Chelsea inspires others to live with passion and listen to their inner longings. My work with Chelsea has radically changed my life!

- LeeAnn

“Since starting to work with Chelsea, I have seen changes in my outlook and perspective of life. Most profoundly, I feel authentic. I have tapped into my inner power, changing limiting beliefs that held me back and kept me stuck in a lot of negative self- talk that I wasn't aware of. I highly recommend working with Chelsea!”

- Kim

"I was able to reach a level that would have taken me maybe decades to find without Chelsea's gentle guidance through intentional questioning and loving feedback. She accelerated my soul searching in such a compassionate way and each session seemed to be exactly what I needed in the moment."

-  Molly

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