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What I get to decide

I heard on a podcast the other day that Ben Franklin used to have his best ideas as he was falling asleep.

Well, I have my best ideas, and the greatest amount of clarity, immediately upon waking up. This morning, I was able to clearly see the difference between what I get to decide about my life and what's out of my control.

What I get to decide

  • What time I wake up in the morning

  • That I'm a success story

  • A mindset of abundance and joy

  • What I believe in

  • What I trust

  • To show up for my creativity

  • What I do with my privilege

What's not up to me

  • Where my heart is leading me

  • What life lessons I have/get to learn along the way

  • Where my beliefs lead me

  • Other people's decisions and reactions to me and my decisions

  • What comes when I say yes to my creativity

  • The privileges afforded to me based on the body and family I was born into

I've been helped tremendously over the last two years by some amazing coaches through massive change and transformation in my life. I think what has really worked for me about a coaching mindset is channeling my desire for control into the appropriate area. I can't control what happens to me and my loved ones. I can't control what internal or external forces shape my life. I can control how I respond to those forces.

Learning this, knowing this difference and having support for this shift along the way has allowed me to do things I never would have imagined. Like writing a book. Moving back to my hometown. Starting a business. And helping women access and develop the deepest, truest parts of themselves with love and care.

I'm thinking of taking a page out of Ben Franklin's book and taking more naps in order to gain more frequent moments of clarity!


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