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The Joy of a Vermont Solo Retreat

Vermont solo retreat client Lisa share: The way the retreat set up really worked - the pre-work with Chelsea was calming and grounding. Every detail was thought of

Intentionally taking a weekend to oneself may seem like a luxury to some.

But for me and many of my clients, it has become a necessity. Something to return to at least once a year. A reset of body, mind and spirit. And an incredible opportunity!

I've opened up my 2022 solo retreat calendar and would love to share more with you about what a solo retreat at a beautiful mountaintop cabin in Vermont looks like!

Learn more here:

Or send me an email and let's connect!

If you could wave a magic wand and give yourself the most beautiful, connective, restorative weekend away, close to nature but with a beautiful, quiet rustic cabin luxury, what would you create?

Let's create it together!


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