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Slowing Down

The snow is flying here in upstate New York! Wherever you are, whatever the weather, winter is an invitation to slow down. To invite introspection. To deepen.

What happens when you pause?

Maybe you get really uncomfortable and feel like you SHOULD be "doing" something. Maybe you avoid pausing at all costs. Maybe, like many of us these days, you fill your free time by picking up your phone and scrolling. Or maybe you've mastered the art of pausing, listening, enjoying and resting. If this is you, please share with the rest of us!!

Wherever you are on that spectrum, I believe this pandemic winter is an invitation to pause and go inward with intention. Even if it's just building in 5 minutes for yourself before you go to bed. Or starting a meditative coloring practice!

I offer support creating a "retreat-in-place," a half day or full day intentional time to pause, in the comfort of your own home (and your pajamas!) We'll connect by phone, I'll create a customized retreat outline for you to follow, and you just have to show up for yourself and enjoy, rather than thinking..."What do I do now? I should be feeling relaxed...oh wait, I'll just go do the laundry."

With a little bit of support and accountability, you'll find some space to breathe. To relax. To listen. To be for a little while. To find peace. To find space for yourself. To connect.

Email me to learn more!


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