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Practicing Rest

Sharing daffodils here to remind you, and me, that spring is coming, even if it doesn't feel like it!

I'm someone who loves to plan. At the beginning of the year, I put together an outline for all the offerings I'm planning - women's circles, Sacred Earth gatherings, workshops, book clubs, group courses, etc. I love the creative element of running my own business and seeing the interplay between ideas and execution, which then leads to powerful experiences and transformation for myself and my clients.

I'm also one who has a value of integrity. If I say I'm going to do something, it's important to me that I follow through.

And I have newer values that have become more of a focus the past few years, of self-compassion, flexibility and listening to my intuition. These are sometimes at odds with the first two values I mentioned. Learning how to hold all of them, all of these different parts of myself, has been part of my journey.

Does this sound familiar? Different parts of yourself having different priorities or values? Trying to fit them all into one identity, one way forward, one cohesive way of being authentically yourself?

Recently, I ran into a collision of two different values - my value of integrity and sticking to my planned course of action, and my value of slowing down, listening to my intuition, and resting.

I had been planning since January to run a group course on Sacred Rest starting in March. I was thrilled to have over 20 people signed up for a free preview workshop on the subject a few weeks ago. But, as I was starting to put together the curriculum, I uncovered a pesky little voice from within (my intuition) with some very real concerns.

Aren't you supposed to be resting and doing less, rather than adding more to your plate?

Are you living & practicing & modeling Sacred Rest by pushing to do this group course?

Is this really the most kind thing you could do for yourself right now?

How to be most kind to myself was ultimately the question that helped me to listen to my intuition and decide at the last minute not to run the group course, to model deep listening and self-compassion, and to allow myself to be flexible. I shared during the free workshop about my process and that I was modeling Sacred Rest in my decision. My body instantly relaxed, having made the decision, and I knew that was a sign I was on the right track.

Instead, I'm focusing on continuing to grow my coaching practice and bring the opportunity for powerful change, authentic living, sacred rest and deep listening to my one-on-one clients.

Are those elements that you're ready to bring into your life? If so, send me an email and let me know! I have a few openings coming up and would love to connect!

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