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How to ride the waves

If you're anything like me, you've been experiencing cyclical waves of fear, grief, and uncertainty over the past year.

We're in a time of massive change, upheaval, and chaos. It's hard to know what to expect next week, nevermind next month or even six months from now. Thinking ahead years or decades makes my head spin. I truly believe this moment is calling for a specific response from us, both individually and collectively.

It's a time for grounding into ancient wisdom.

It's a time for asking big questions.

It's a time for calling in resources.

It's a time for coming together.

It's a time for looking deep within.

This is why I want to talk to you about what it looks like to deepen your existing or ground into new spiritual practices.

Connecting to something larger than ourselves and our individual lives can be a powerful tool for riding the waves from what was into what is become. It can help move us from feeling stuck in cycles of anxiety and stress into more stillness, purpose, wisdom and joy.

I love talking about spiritual practices and how these simple but profound activities like meditation, intentional time in nature, journaling, singing, dancing, prayer, etc can provide lifelong support to help ride the waves.

Which is why I'm offering a free workshop on this very topic, tomorrow - Wednesday, 2/17 - at 5 PM EST on Zoom. Register here or just reply to this email and I'll send you the Zoom link!

Here's more about why this matters to me:

I'd love to see you tomorrow!


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