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Find Balance in Shifting Times

As socializing, travel, and gathering have become more possible, are you struggling with how to fit it all in?

I know I am!

This time of expansion into summertime energy has always been hard for me, and I can feel part of myself wanting to retreat back into the simpler isolation of a cold and snowy January. Then I hear the birds chirping and can actually give other people hugs again, and I’m like – no way! The question I've been working with this week is: How can I adjust so I’m not so overwhelmed during this constantly shifting and expanding time?

A wise practitioner (thanks, Elena!) told me recently that Eastern traditions teach that the only two days we’re in balance are the day that we’re born and the day that we die.

Whew! That made me feel better! I spend a lot of time tracking balance in my life – especially balance between:

- Work and play

- Social time and alone time

- Family time, friend time and relationship time

- Expanding my comfort zones and feeling safe

-Moving from my heart/soul/body and moving from my head

Here’s what I realized recently: it’s about the process, the journey, and the lessons along the way – not about the destination. It's actually allowing myself and my energy to swing back and forth, like I'm doing in this picture here. And, can I sing while doing it? Can I enjoy myself in the process?

That “perfect” place of balance that exists in my head that I think I’m striving for just doesn’t exist. (Ohh, perfectionism. Listen to your own advice, Chels!)

What does exist is my ability to notice. When I started this blog almost two years ago, I entitled it “Noticing Along the Way.” I’ve dropped the title since, but it’s still a huge part of what I’m writing about here.

I can notice when I’m feeling like I’m working too much, and realize I need to make a change. Then I can shift back to something that feels more like balance – not just in one moment, but in a more zoomed out perspective.

I can notice when I’m not taking enough time for myself. One of my own signals of this imbalance is getting a full night of sleep and waking up tired. “Oh, I need to take more time for myself,” is sometimes the next thought in my head. Then I have to actually listen and give that to myself.

I can notice when I'm moving from my head and intellect, in ways that are overly linear and focused on productivity. “Ohhh…” I notice. Then I bring my energy back into my heart, my soul, my body. I give myself what I need, allowing my life to come back closer to balance.

Having a healthy dose of compassion throughout this process is critical. If I judge myself harshly every time I go out of balance, I’d be judging myself every day. If I bring self-compassion (tune in Wednesday at 3 PM to “The Stream” for more on compassion) into the mix, it’s a whole lot more enjoyable. This is easier said than done at times, of course!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stuck right now, or out of balance in any way, it’s not just you! These sensations can actually be opportunities to shift back to how you want to feel:




In the flow.

I have three spots available this week for a 30-minute Connection Call where we look at the things that keep you stuck and out of balance and how you can move through them to get closer to balance and wholeness starting immediately. Send me an email to learn more or schedule your free call here!

The point I'm trying to make here're not alone. You don’t have to “figure this out” in your head by yourself! The process itself can be easeful, and even enjoyable. I know because I’ve been working at this for years, and because I’m still learning. Every. Day.

I’d love to connect with you!


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