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Fall Transition Coaching Special

As my transition away from offering massage is nearly complete, save a few here and there, my schedule now allows for a transition deeper into my coaching practice, and I'm loving it. Time spent with others meditation, working with intuition, working through and with deep fears and limiting beliefs, and moving from limitations into infinite, beautiful possibilities? Yes, please! Since one of my specialties is supporting people through transition, this autumnal equinox feels like the perfect time to invite new or renewed coaching clients in for a Fall Transition Special!

  • Are you currently in a transition, big or small? Are you riding the ebbs and flows of life?

  • Are there hopes, dreams, or aspirations that you've been wanting to dust off, waiting for just the right moment to take a step in a new direction?

  • Is there a deeper voice within you asking for more - more ease, clarity, self-trust, joy, wonder, or purpose?

I help people do just that, and I'm excited to offer a special Fall Transition Coaching Package at a reduced rate!

**4 one-on-one coaching sessions (1 hour each, via Zoom) for just $495 (regular $600) - that's nearly 20% off!**

Offer is good through October 8th. Click here to sign up or just hit reply to this email for more information!


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