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Earth Connection

Today, I was preparing for next week's Women's Circle where we'll be focusing on trust. (2 spots open! Email me if you want to come!) And I asked myself the question: what do I trust?

Immediately the answer was clear. I trust the holding of the Earth. I trust in this incredible miracle that we live with and often are oblivious to every day. I trust the rising and setting of the sun, the change of the seasons, the ebbing and flowing of bird songs in the morning.

Yes, even through climate change and the impacts of human destruction. Even with fire and flood, winds and rain. It feels kind of funny to trust what also has natural destruction tied up in it - but that's life. Coming and going. Being created and dissolving. Over and over again, what makes sense to me amidst chaos and confusion, what grounds me into the presence, what brings clarity in a larger perspective is: connecting to place. Connecting to Earth. Connecting to land. *Singing with the birds, the trees, the honeybees, from one of my favorite songs by Alexa Sunshine Rose.

And, because of that ever-developing earth relationship, I trust what calls to me, which is connecting women to the earth and to each other.

Stay tuned for info on earth-connecting group retreats this fall!

AND: if you're called to develop your own stronger relationship with the Earth, if you're looking to deepen your own connection to self, other women & place - here's an opportunity to do so with accountability and support! It's a 6-week group course I'm leading called Earthy & Wise. All the details here:

Psst: There's early bird pricing open through this Sunday, August 8th so don't wait to sign up if you're interested!


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