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Silver Bay, NY - Lake George. Photo by Susan Woodworth

During my last two daily morning walks along the shores of Lake George, families of ducklings have delighted me. This morning, it was a Mama Merganzer and her eight babies, including one riding on her back - what joy! The straight and solemn group reached their apparent destination, Slim Point, and surveyed where they had come from. They proceeded to groom themselves, ducking their heads and flitting their wings, necks, and beaks as they got everything in order. Mama, serene, watchful, accommodating, seems as content as a creature can be. And why not? The clouds overhead are patterned and varied, the lake before her smooth and dark green as the mountains. I imagine the perils are great for Mama and her ducklings, from snapping turtles to weasels, but another safe trip across the lake deserves some celebratory preening. See you soon, ducks.


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