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Coming back to balance

Recently, I realized I was overcommitting myself to weekday evening commitments.

I looked at my calendar and realized I had something scheduled (online) for every night of the week! Gah!

I’m a person who loves learning new things and staying active and engaged.

I’m also a person who needs a lot of downtime to rejuvenate and show up for my work, myself, my relationships and my community in the way that I want to.

So, I made a shift and said no to a commitment that was a wonderful opportunity, but just too much to add to my plate right now. Instantly, my energy shifted from: tired, depleted, and unmotivated to slightly rejuvenated and energized. Progress!

This experience was an important reminder: Balance is not static.

Balance, just like life, is dynamic.

I find balance and then I go out of balance. Then I make a shift to get closer to balance again. Then something changes and I go back out of balance.

I’ve learned what my cues are that indicate I’m going out of balance. For me, it’s:

Feeling tired or low energy

Feeling overwhelmed

A little twinge of second guessing a decision

Reaching for my phone all the time

Choosing to watch Netflix all the time

Eating lots of sugar and snacks

When you notice one or more of your “going out of balance” cues, it’s a great time to stop and check in:

What’s working well right now?

What needs to shift?

What does your deeper knowing say that you need?

Of course, the key piece to all of this is kindness. Self compassion. And giving yourself grace.

What are some of your “going out of balance” cues? I'd love to hear from you!


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