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Brand new day

Photo by Susan Woodworth

It's the morning of a brand new day, week, summer.

I heard loons in the night and now

Dabbling ducklings, two sets, float by with their stately Mamas.

My God, the fluffy, bathing, dipping joy of an early morning duck family.

Noticing fog on the mountains, then gone.

Noticing seagull screeches and throaty crows croaking.

Noticing glittery sparkles of sun

Tap, tap, tapping leaves over head - a cottonwood?

Favorite trees from a decade ago, now I know your name, Ironwood

Incessant phoebes

Bright colors I wear

The quality of my mind body, breath body, physical body

Expanding out into the glorious energy of this Place.

Silver Bay's energy is grounded, here, knowing its place. It draws people to it with its radiance and keeps them coming back again and again. It is temporary, but enduring. Is it the lake? The contours of the shoreline, the mountains beyond. The specks of clouds dotting this horizon. A glimpse of beyond, of spirit untethered? I can only sense it, not just within me, but all around me. Pure beauty and peace is here. I am just a witness.


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