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A Pause

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

"When we pause, we don't know what will happen next. But by disrupting our habitual behaviors, we open to the possibility of new and creative ways of responding to our wants and fears." - Tara Brach

This summer at Silver Bay is my pause. I chose to take a break from "adult" life of a 9-5 job, paying for rent, cooking food, going to yoga classes, walking with friends, cuddling with my cat, doing dishes, and driving to run errands. Instead, I'm intentionally spending two months living on Lake George, spending the majority of my day outside, listening to professional musicians multiple times a week, eating ice cream, interacting with people of all generations, living in community, and replenishing my mind, body and spirit. Halfway through my pause summer, I pause to reflect.

I feel stronger, physically, walking and swimming and playing every day.

I feel more distinct from and unattached to previous periods of grief and loss.

I feel more content with my life as it is.

I feel more grounded, even as change continues to happen around me.

May I continue to remember to pause.


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