As a result of the pandemic, our concept of space has changed. For many of us, our home space is now our work space, school space, yoga space, and everything-under-the-sun space.


You might be "traveling" from work to home and back again a hundred times a day instead of twice a day! Maybe you long for some more space for yourself to relax without worrying about your next Zoom call or notification on your phone.


Maybe you just need a day for yourself!


Delineating space for ourselves to relax and rejuvenate is necessary, powerful work...

That's why I'm offering to help you create a one-day retreat experience for yourself to relax and rejuvenate - at home.


How does it work?

  • You're responsible for:

    • Clearing your schedule for one day

    • Finding a quiet place where you feel comfortable and won't be distracted

  • I'll provide:

    • A customized retreat outline for you to follow based on your intentions and needs

    • Guidance and accountability before, during and after your retreat

  • Together, we'll create:

    • ​A rejuvenating experience that allows your mind, body and spirit to relax and reset

COST = $175

Includes: 2 hours of self-care coaching, customized retreat outline, bonus guided meditations & more!


Want to learn more?


Book a free 30-minute Prioritize Your Self-Care call with me and explore how, together, we can create more space, peace and joy in your life!

"Spending time on this retreat allowed me space to pause and fully drop-into my own personal rhythm. Chelsea’s thoughtfulness and perfect planning allowed me to be in the present moment, relax and experience the luxury of no plans or responsibilities."

— Andrea


Chelsea - "How's your retreat going so far?!"

Liz - "So. Good."

— Liz

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