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Faith in a spider web

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

On my hike today, I came across this spider web. Though it looked half complete because of the way the light hit it, it was a whole spider web. The rationality vs. faith conversation in my head as I stared at it was amusing to witness. “That looks like it’s only half a spider web.” “That’s not possible – it would have to be whole for it to be a web still held together.” I had faith that the other half was there, even though I couldn’t see it at first. Upon closer examination, against the dark background of the grainy tree trunk, there it was. Indeed, a whole spider web. Faith, I knew instantly and from experience, is like that. Knowing there is more essence than what can be seen and felt at first glance, trusting and having patience to be able to discern what the light isn’t currently touching. As I prepared to continue on my path, looking down I noticed a red eft softly waiting for me to notice it on the trail before me. Hello, red eft, I said. I didn’t see you at first. Nice to meet you. And I continued on my way.

Read by Liz Frisbee

1 comment

1 Comment

Sep 10, 2019

Chels: I love this. The photo completes the idea. So simple yet so profound. Wow.

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