Reclaim your joy, connect to your purpose and make

self-care a non-negotiable in your life

Do you know you need more time for yourself? Have you been feeling anxious and stressed these last few months as the pandemic has encroached on what little time you used to have for you? Do you long for more connection to yourself, to nature, and to a deeper spiritual meaning in life?

Imagine that you can experience consistent, joyful connection to yourself, even in the midst of your busy life. You find yourself walking outside to look at the trees instead of reaching for your phone. The structure of your life isn’t radically different, but who you are in that structure feels radically different. You experience moments of peace that you never thought were possible – in the shower, cuddling with your kids, talking to your parents on the phone.

And what’s different? You found community, support and accountability to create space for YOU and what your soul really needs.

We’ll start with the basics – what makes you feel good? What nourishes you? With curiosity and intention, we’ll explore nourishing activities together.

Then we’ll really focus on building self-awareness and practices that make us more grounded and present.

We’ll bring in practical, powerful ways to integrate SPACE FOR YOU into your busy schedule and learn how to prioritize ourselves – a radical act in a society where we’re taught to devalue our own needs.

And finally, we’ll find and build accountability to make this a lasting transformation, not just for 6 weeks of your life, but over the whole arc of your growth and life ahead.

We’ll gather as an intimate group of women on Zoom every Thursday for six weeks starting January 7 from 7:30 - 9 PM. You’ll leave each call with tangible action steps for the next week and accountability throughout the week to follow through on those action steps! We’ll connect through an exclusive Facebook group to build community and share resources, and I’ll be available for questions and support through that group as well.

And as a BONUS each week, you’ll receive a weekly journal prompt and a daily inspirational quote! Because who doesn’t love inspirational quotes?! I know I do.

And I love working with women on self-care. I bring a unique set of skills from my background as a massage therapist, writer, self care coach and spiritual mentor to create a really beautiful space for this group to form community and find support and accountability for your individual self-care journey. I’m excited to walk you through this because I’ve been through it myself. I’ve struggled with how to prioritize my own needs because really, I just want to give to others! I love helping other people and making other people happy. But what I’ve learned the hard way over many years is that I can best take care of those around me when I really, truly, 100% take care of myself first. And you can, too.

Sign up by December 10 for an early bird special pricing of $277 - regular $297. Space is limited so don’t wait to sign up and secure your spot!

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