Create a Meaningful Life: How to cultivate a consistent spiritual practice so you can move through life's transitions with more ease, joy and purpose

Do you know what you “should” be doing to build a consistent spiritual practice but find yourself unable to keep showing up to the daily meditation mat, prayer ritual or intentional time in nature?


Do you want a supportive and easeful relationship with the divine, whatever that looks like for you, but can’t apply the discipline you need to really form a deeper connection?



You're able to connect to your deeper self and spiritual meaning in life without feeling rigid or forced.


You have a consistent, daily spiritual practice that supports you in feeling whole, grounded, connected and at peace - and able to move through life's inevitable ups and downs with more ease. 


Maybe you sing all the time, or you find yourself praying without realizing it.


You connect deeply to spirit, whatever that looks like for you – God, the universe, deep purpose and meaning.

This is some of the most meaningful and impactful inner work we can do as human beings. And some of the most challenging!

I truly believe we’re not meant to do it alone.

In this one-hour interactive workshop, you’ll learn tangible tips for how to build a consistent spiritual practice that leaves you feeling easeful, grounded and connected.


You’ll come away already practicing some of the techniques I’ll share to merge the practical and the spiritual to build lifelong connection to the sacred.


It won’t just be another workshop where you get a lot of great ideas that you don’t follow up on!


You’ll be doing the work already right on the call, and you’ll feel the effects instantly.


You’ll feel more authentic, confident, and accepting of who you are and where you are in your life right now.  

This is my work – helping to merge the spiritual with the practical to build lifelong connection to the sacred.  I’d love to share it with you!

Tuesday, April 27th from 7 - 8 PM EST on Zoom


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